November 19, 2011

Title: The Battle of Kennrun

Characters Involved: Chaysel, Firdarig, Kelson, Kilarn, Lorsanna, Mikaya, Mindarin, Redley (NPC)

Summary: Just a couple days before the five year anniversary of the Battle of Kennrun, the characters meet back up in Redley’s Tavern. Many have not seen each other since the war ended and they left the service of the Gauntlets. Seeing one another brings back the memory of when they first met…

… marching through contested lands between Breland and Cyre, they’re ambushed by goblins. As survivors of the battle, they’re quickly grouped together and ordered to investigate a strange device that is limiting magic on the battlefield. They discover a Templar of the Silver Flame working with Cyran soldiers. They quickly stop them and take them prisoner, stopping the device and allowing the Gauntlets to take the day.

November 19, 2011

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