Half-Elf Cavalier (Woody's Character)


Kirlarn is the son of a highly sought after shipwright and an ex-priestess from one of the dock cities frequently visited. He was born in Regalport, but neither he nor his parents are from there originally. His two brothers were born in Skairn and Port Krez, respectively. When asked where he’s from, the reply is simply “Lhazaar”, leaving most people guessing.

Most of Kirlarn’s childhood was spent on his father’s ship, traveling from port to port, following work. If the group is at a dock or shipyard, there’s a high chance Kirlarn will know the area well from playing hide-and-seek with the local kids and his brothers. Being well traveled, he also knows his way around most of the local big ports, including where the inns are, and what places to generally avoid. The oldest of the three brothers, he struck out on his own a few years before the war started. The second oldest came of age as the war ended, and is no reported to be sea. The youngest appears to be following in the shoes of the father. Meanwhile, the parents (and youngest brother) appear to have finally settled down, and have a small place in a port town in the Tempest Straits, close to a shipyard where both currently work.

Despite being half elf, and spending a lot of time at sea or in air ships, Kirlarn doesn’t have strong ties with House Lyander. He has had several run-ins with them, and even worked for them at times, both during and after the war, though certainly not in the past year. Since the war, the main “jobs” he’s held down revolved around ship security for hire. (Much like how caravans need protection, so do ships.) He’s made sure transfers happen properly, fought off (or planned routes to avoid) pirates, dealt with crew squabbles, guarded dignitaries (and/or their stuff) when they traveled, etc. Most of hist travels have taken him from Eldeen Bay to Adder Bay. He’s seen the Grey Tide, and even traveled to Aerenal on a couple of occasions.


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