Captain Inaden Aran

Officer of the Red Gauntlets


Captain Inaden Aran is the officer who was in charge of the squad during the Last War. She began as a Sergeant where she was field promoted to Lieutenant. After the Treaty of Thronehold, she remained with the Gauntlets and was promoted to Captain. She currently works directly under the Colonel.

She is one of the four officers considered to be in the running to take over for the Colonel when he retires. In addition, she seems to be the only one he trusts implicitly, but he has not declared her his successor due to concerns that there is still a traitor in the company. Until the traitor is flushed out, his retirement or even naming a successor could cause a split within the organization.

Captain Aran is a tall, strong, striking woman of dark hair and dark eyes. Her instinct for command is a strong one and she has a good eye for talent which is partially why she put the squad together during the war. (Picture Claudia Black)

Captain Inaden Aran

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