Veterans of the Gauntlet

The Battle of Kennrun
Five years later, remembering the first time...

Two years after the Treaty of Thronehold, the surviving members of the Red Gauntlet Regiment gathered in Sharn to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Battle of Kennrun. The battle was a major victory for the Regiment while in the service of Breland and the first time one particular squad worked together.

After the end of the war, some members of the squad struck out on their own while others stayed with the Gauntlets. Regardless of where they went after the war, the surviving members of the squad met up in Sharn at Redley’s Tavern, the home and establishment of one of their number. With drinks for everyone around the table, they began to recall the first time they worked together five years ago…

As new recruits of the Red Gauntlet Regiment, the members of the squad were mixed amongst the other new recruits that had been separated into squads. The journey from Sterngate had started many days before, but the contingent was finally within a day’s march of their destination – the Fort at Kennrun. The Gauntlets had been sent there to reinforce an undermanned area under Brelish control.

While marching along a stretch of road flanked by grassy hills, the contingent of recruits was ambushed by a warband of goblins. With a volley of arrows, the goblins took out many of the surprised recruits. The surviving recruits quickly rallied to fight off the incoming goblins.

When the last of the goblins fell, a group of cavalry arrived from the main force with word that things were far worse for the Gauntlets than had been expected. They were being held down by Cyran forces that were reinforced by goblins from Darguun. In addition, and truly compounding the problem, the Cyrans had employed some sort of magical suppression field over the valley, crippling the Gauntlets by neutralizing their warforged and magical troops.

The commander of the cavalry unit quickly gave Sergeant Aran a field promotion to lieutenant in charge of the recruits and putting together a squad to go deal with the source of the suppression field. They had narrowed the location down to an abandoned tower overlooking the valley, but didn’t have the manpower to deal with it. Lieutenant Aran quickly singled out the eight of them – Chaysel, Firdarig, Lorsanna, Kilarn, Mikaya, Mindarin, Redley and Kelson – to form up a squad and take care of it.

As sun set, the squad reached the tower. Though there were goblins present, there were also torches lit, marking the presence of other humanoids. The foundation of the tower had been undermined by a flood and diverted stream that had collapsed one corner. Dealing with the one goblin guard stationed at the entrance, the squad snuck around into the basement via the crumbled foundation.

On the first floor, they fought two hobgoblin guards and a goblin dog that were watching over the equipment and supplies for those in the tower. Once they were dispatched, the squad rushed up to the top level, where they found two Cyran soldiers arguing with a blonde woman in armor marking her as a Templar of the Silver Flame. Off to one side was a complicated device that was a conglomeration of clockwork technology and magic. The glow marked it as the source of the suppression field.

After a quick fight, the team subdued the soldiers and Templar, and set to disabling the device. Combining their various skill sets, they were able to disable it without destroying it, thereby saving it for later examination by the Gauntlets.

It was the first taste of respect and accolades they would receive from the Gauntlets, but definitely not the last.

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