The Last War was waged across the breadth of Khorvaire for a century, splintering the kingdom of Galifar into fractious pieces. A conflict that endures that long can deplete even the richest country’s resources, forcing them to find alternative means to continue the battle. One of the more straightforward alternatives is to hire a mercenary company to support the existing army. For Breland’s part, they hired only the best: the Red Gauntlet Regiment.

A famed mercenary company that has existed for centuries, the Red Gauntlet Regiment has had its fortunes rise and fall with the governments and churches it supports. Allies and enemies alike respect the skill and honor of those that wear the red gauntlet.

Just over five years ago, you decided to throw your lot in with the Red Gauntlet Regiment and fight for Breland against the other nations in a war that had waged for your entire lifetime and seemed like it would never end…

Welcome to the home of the Veterans of the Gauntlet campaign. The game is using the Eberron setting but the Pathfinder system. The goal is to create an ongoing campaign that lasts for several levels where the PCs are caught up in an adventure that spans much of the world.

Veterans of the Gauntlet

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